Monday, May 18, 2009

The Plumbing Conclusion

I have to give retract my parenthetical statement in last time's blog about horror music and plumbing. My better half successfully repaired the shower without any cutting through the walls, pulling of any pipes out of the house and without any arguments with yours truly. I have to hand it to him... works like a charm. I had my doubts, I won't lie... we searched in Lowe's for the perfect shower head... (the cheapest one!) and then he tells me... "I am looking for a cap for your deal." I stared in complete, puzzled amazement... can you run that by me again? So, after a scavenger hunt for an article that I still had no clue what it was... we left with a disgruntled... "Ahhh forget it...".
So, I was the one who was going to be the big bad Mommy and make little Jackson sleep in his own bed from now on... How can a 5 month old force ME into a calf rope?? We started out good last night... He was in his bed... we were in our bed... Then at 1:15, my little Booger Bear decided to wake up... Instead of standing by his bed holding a bottle, waiting for him to enter the Land of Nod once again, we put him in bed with us... I spent most of the night removing deliquent elbows, knees and feet from various parts of my body. I found myself clinging to the bed with just inches of mattress under me... Sighing... hoping my little Doodlebug would understand when Mommy sighs... it means scoot over.... HA HA! Colossial joke of the century. So, around 6:30- I relinquished my battle of the bed with my 5 month old and took a shower... I came back after showering and saw the cutest sight ever... Both my boys, little sleepy heads, snoozing away... I just kept thinking to myself, "I have to be the luckiest woman alive!"

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