Friday, May 15, 2009

I've come to a conclusion...

So it seems my little bundle of joy has exhausted both his dad and I as far as sleeping in our bed! He flopped and flailed and whined and rubbed on me from 11-3:15... Finally I realized I was not going to get ANY sleep, so I got up and rocked him to sleep. I laid him on a fleece blanket on the floor and there he slept... without so much as a twitch until 5:30... hmmmm... I think I am bothering him. I don't think he has enough room and maybe even gets hot... The real trick here is finding time to clean out his bed, which has become somewhat of a catch all for clothes, stuffed animals, blankets and baby shoes. I can forsee that pile simply moving to another location in the nursery... ahhhh well... I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!
P.S. A pipe in Trey's shower "burst" (according to him) this morning. He told me I had one of two options... The first began with... well, I don't know if I can get in there to see the pipe... so I am assuming there really wasn't a first option... The second... Trey drew an imaginary square on the wall with his finger and said... I can just cut through here and fix it... I know my eyes almost popped out of my head... I said, "Uhhhh should you call your dad first?" Then he says, "I can probably get that done today..."
To be continued.... (horror music playing in the background!)

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